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Production Process
Production process of aluminum panels: blanking - unfolding -cutting and bending - welding -grinding -cleaning - coating -drying -packing -finished products. (Including color adjustment and paint adjustment)
Production process of aluminum-plastic panels: blanking -drying and mixing of materials -basic forming -application of macromolecule felted-membrane - bond the aluminum foil - forming -edge repair -Packing
Pollution Generation Process:
Aluminum panels: the cleaning process during the production will regularly discharge cleaning liquid, which belongs to mixed weak acid pollutant. The monthly discharge quantity of the production line is 15 cubic meters. In discharging the pollutant, the Company collects them into containers, and add deliquescent substance to neutralize the pollutant in the sewage treatment equipment, and then discharges them to the sewage treatment station through the sewage processing pipeline after the acid-base equilibrium is reached.

The painting process and the oven may generate organic gases in the production process. The organic gas will be discharged after passing the waste processing equipment (RCO).

aluminum-plastic panels: organic gases will incur in the production process. The waste gas generated will be processed by a waste gas processing equipment (IV) before being discharged. There is no sewage discharged because internal circulated water is applied in all production lines.

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