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Eight advantages of aluminum veneer - Anwar Tison

Issuing time:2019-05-08 09:27Author:Shandong Disen Construction Material Technology Co

Eight advantages of aluminum veneer - shared by Anwar Thyssen!If you want to know about aluminum veneer, you can pay attention to Shandong Tisen Building Materials Co., Ltd.1, light weight, rigidity is better, the strength is relatively large.2, flame retardant function is good, in the fire is more in line with the demand, AnwaTisen aluminum veneer selection of high strength aluminum alloy and fluorocarbon paint or panel composition, has outstanding flame retardant, can pass the fire inspection.


3, Anwar Tiesen aluminum veneer in the weather resistance, self-cleaning and UV resistance, acid and alkali resistance and other aspects are very good, can be more effective against acid rain, outdoor air pollution, UV corrosion.

Anvadisen aluminum veneer consists of a special molecular layout, dust will not easily fall on it, with outstanding self-cleaning function.

4, Anwar Thysen aluminum veneer can be plastic function is better, can be processed into a plane plate, arc panel and spherical panel and other complex graphics, can express the designer's various ideas.

5, Anwar Thysen aluminum veneer color is colorful, can choose a relatively wide range of scale, rich and visual effect is better, the role of decoration is also very good.

6, Anwar Tiesen aluminum veneer coating selection is gloss attributed to the matte type coating, which not only maintains the international prevailing bright personality but also deals with the problem of light pollution of the glass curtain wall, is a rare recycling, green environmental protection goods.

7, anwar thyssen aluminum veneer weight is lighter, more chooses high-quality aluminum manganese, aluminum alloy, its weight is very light, but its interface is connected with modern welding technology, the reverse selection of stiffener, to a certain extent, ensure the smooth of aluminum curtain wall panels, wind resistance, impact resistance, etc., useful to reduce the load of the building.

8, Anwar Tysen aluminum veneer in Shandong Tysen Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. factory has been processed and formed, the construction of the time do not need to be processed, so the construction is very convenient and more cost saving.

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