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The difference between aluminum veneer and aluminum gusset plate and aluminum plastic plate

Issuing time:2019-05-08 09:28

Aluminous gusset plate is aluminum alloy plate as the base, through cutting, cutting Angle, moulding, aluminous gusset plate surface using a variety of different coating processing all kinds of aluminous gusset plate products, aluminous gusset plate, the main points of two types, one is the domestic outfit integrated aluminous gusset plate, the other is aluminous gusset plate, the home installs aluminous gusset plate started mainly is given priority to with roller coating and frosted two big series.

Its advantages are:

1, excellent surface coating.

2, strong composite fastness.

3. Strong temperature adaptability.

4, light weight, high strength.

5, rich colors, wide options.

Disadvantages are:

A. The installation requirements of the aluminum gusset ceiling are high, especially the strictest requirements for flatness;

B. The joint of aluminum gusset ceiling is inferior to that of plastic steel gusset ceiling;

C, aluminum clasp plate plate, style is not as rich as plastic steel clasp plate plate, style.

Aluminum veneer is a new type of curtain wall material, which is made of high quality aluminum alloy sheet as the base material, and then is formed by numerical control bending technology and sprayed with decorative coating on the surface.


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