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The five advantages and characteristics of aluminum veneer are analyzed

Issuing time:2021-02-28 13:54Author:Shandong Disen Construction Material Technology Co

Shandong Tison Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. (brand - Anwar Tison) detailed to do to share with you!

A: excellent heat preservation and insulation function

Anwar thyssen heat preservation and heat insulation function of aluminum sheet material is general building materials can't be a one-time satisfactory, aluminum veneer material can be carried out punching in adding sound-absorbing cotton, very well satisfied with the insulation and heat preservation function, because the south hot summer in our country, the northern winter cold, so aluminum veneer material becomes the best construction materials.


Two: good sound insulation effect

According to the relevant part of the national accounting, the sound insulation of aluminum veneer material is as high as 39-32 decibels, the use of aluminum veneer material planning is very extensive, both can be used for bedrooms, study, can also be used for the airport, high-speed railway station, only you can not think of, no aluminum veneer can not do.

Three: good fire protection function

According to the accounting of the fire protection part, the fire rating of aluminum veneer material is as high as A2 and the melting point is as high as 660 degrees, which is one of the excellent fire prevention building materials. Aluminum veneer material is also certified by the state. We can use it centering and directly carry out construction.

Four: moistureproof, rust proof and corrosion proof

Aluminum veneer material has all the characteristics of wood, but also has the moistureproof effect of wood, and thermal expansion and cold contraction will not crack, aluminum veneer material is more appropriate in the ceiling.

Five: high board strength, not easy to deformation

Is aluminum veneer material with high quality and high strength of antirust aluminum alloy as the base material, through cutting, punching, bending, welding, etc of carve patterns or designs on woodwork process, to ensure that the panel will not deformation, every 500-600 - mm width, will be in the back for reinforcement, sheet metal forming, but also by flipping the qualitative processing, greatly enhance the rigidity and hardness, can be used for the decoration of all kinds of metope.

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